How long does SEO need to take effect?

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When business starts performing SEO, they are really hoping to see results fast. The most common question that all people who buy SEO services ask is “how long does SEO work needs to take effect?”. The question is not something that can be asked for sure.

Let’s see some facts that will help you to have a better look. There are times that some pages, mostly blog posts can rank within a few days. Most of the times this posts rank so fast cause their trending content and the significance that has. But this is not a permanent rank. After a few days it will lose it’s rank again. So how long after you start SEO do you see real and permanent results?

There are a lot of variables into how quickly you see results after you start doing SEO, such as baseline traffic, website design, domain age, geographic location, competition, and target market. Generally speaking, if good seo work has been done to a website, it can see results in 4 to 8 months. It will need a lot of hard work and knowledge if someone wants to drop this time which at the best it can be done in 2-3 months.

You have to understand that seo is not something you do today and wait for the results in some days. It needs a hard work for days after days if you really want to see good results. The competition is so big, Search engines change their algorithms all the time so SEO techniques have to change too.


Can we speed it up?

The only we can tell you is that you have to work hard, give a lot of attention to your website’s SEO factors and after some time you will see the results you want. No need to rush. Good things sometimes take time. There are people who can sell you SEO techniques that will rank you in some days. Stay away from them, cause these are all BLACK HAT techniques that will give a boost to your seo for sometime but probably you will get your site penaltize and drop more ranks.



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