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Having your backlinks indexed is one of the most important things in link building. Online indexing tools can help you in this hard job. But you have to be very carefull in using Free online indexing tools, because some of them may hurt your website rankings.

After a long search over the internet, i discovered one of the best free backlinks indexers you can use without fear.

Link Centaur – Smart Backlinks Indexer

Having a look at the variety of free online indexers there are very few to trust. You simply submit your link or links into a form, and then you are said that these links have been submitted to a huge amount of web pages and ping them. If you think this is a good way to get indexed, you are very wrong!

Not only is it a waste of time, but extremely spammy too. Having a webpage URL simply indexed has no indication to what kind of effect it will have on your website. Or how trusted that link will be.

The good and clean way

Of course the best way to get your backlinks indexed, is to be quality and with high authority  links pointing to your page. Probably many of them will get indexed after some time, without doing anything. But if you want to use an indexer to do the job fast and easy, you can use the Link Centaur Indexer, where you can find a free plan in which you can submit 50 links per day, 100% free.

All services, as it is only natural, will keep secret the exact techniques they used. But what makes Link Centaur better than many others, is that they monitor crawling activity and can verify when your backlink has been crawled. This means that Googlebot will crawl your page and it will decide it it is going to index your backlink or not. If it actually indexes your backlinks or not, depends on a huge number of factors, taht only Google itself knows about them.

In most cases your backlinks won’t get indexed because:


  • Duplicate content
  • Spammy or not quality content
  • Poor or slow access to website
  • Backlink is on untrusted or spammy websites
  • Webpage points to spammy or untrusted website
  • Too agressive indexing methods etc.

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