Free Website Traffic

Free website traffic

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Complete the following small missions and earn free visits to your website. All visits will be from real people (mostly from facebook and twitter). After you complete a step you can fill the form at the end of the page so you can get your free visitors.

You can complete each mission once per month! This means that you can get 1,500 website visitors per month. A great way to boost your rankings!
Earn free website traffic visitors

Mission 1: Price 100 visitors

Visit our facebook page. 1. Like it, 2. give a 5 star review and 3. Share the page to your profile. Send us your facebook name and the link of the post you shared.

*Your facebook profile must have at least 100 friends. 

Mission 2: Price 50 visitors

Copy the below post and share it to your facebook profile page. Send Us the link of the post you shared.

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*Your facebook profile must have at least 50 friends

Mission 3: 50 visitors

Visit our Page on Twitter. Follow Us and then tweet the following message. Send us you profile name and the link of the tweet you shared.

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*Your Twitter Profile must have at least 30 followers

Mission 4: 200 visitors

Write an article about Backlinks.Services and post it to your website or blog. Add the following code at the end of the article. Send us the URL of the article you posted.

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*You must have your own domain name (no .blogspot, .wordpress or any other platform)

Mission 5: 600 visitors

Create a video about our website and upload it to youtube. Add our link to the description. Send us the url of the video.

*Video must be at least 30 seconds.


Complete all the above missions and earn 500 more visitors.

1,500 free website visitors at total.


I completed the following missions:
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