Bing & Yahoo SEO: How To Rank #1

3 mins read - 29 November, 2020

A brief guide on optimizing a site for Bing and Yahoo search engines. Dominate the SERPs of Google alternatives and use the low competition to easily generate organic leads.

In these competitive times when the competition is already cutthroat in the Google SERPs, webmasters should also work on ranking their sites for similar keywords in Google’s major alternatives — BING and YAHOO search. Though these two search platforms are not common among the masses, they surely are used by the low-competition lesser audience that can be smartly used by marketers to generate leads on their money websites.

Here still a greater part of ranking is dependent on metrics like domain age yahoo indexed pages Alexa backlinks, but the good part is that you won’t be facing fierce competition. Plus, you are wide open to toot your own horn and showcase your brand to the less competitive, but highly-potential and easy-to-attract customers.


What is Bing & Yahoo SEO?

As the name suggests, Bing and Yahoo SEO are optimizing your site for Yahoo and Bing SERPs. The optimization strategy features the inclusion of probably the same techniques applied for Google SEO, but the ranking algorithms aren’t a hard nut to crack. With proper On-Page and Off-Page SEO, you can expect your site to rank well for different phrases in Bing and Yahoo search results. Plus, you are always at an advantage as you don’t have to take great pains to rank your site No.1 in search positions.

The basic optimizations considered ideal for ranking on Yahoo and Bing include:

●     Unique Content with Proper Keyword Optimization

●     Spam-Free Domain Authority

●     Proper Site Structure

●     Implementation of optimized Meta Tags

●     Image Alt Tag Optimization

●     Pretty Permalink Structure

●     Header Tags Format Setup

●     Fixing Canonicalisation

These aforementioned optimization along with the proper theme and loading speed are enough to do your site power of good against top page ranks in Yahoo and Bing search results.


Do Google Alternative Search Engines Bring Traffic?

Yeah, definitely. Not every user on this Earth uses Google. If 80% of searches are conducted on Google, the rest 20% of the searches are surely conducted on its alternative platforms such as Yahoo, Bing, and DuckDuckGo. While Gooogle has enforced strict policies for webmasters, requiring years of grind to grab that hot spot on Google Page #1 - its alternatives have way more relaxed algorithms for the webmasters to grab a fair share of organic traffic.

Though you won’t be able to brag thousands of daily visitors as is the case in Google, its ideal to grab even those tens and a few hundred visitors are a blessing in disguise when you are barely getting almost 0 traffic from Google.


Benefits of Bing & Yahoo Ranking

The benefits provided by bing and yahoo are of great value. Getting organic visitors directly from these highly-authoritative search engines to boost your site’s credibility, help generate leads and sales, and also contribute to factors that are needed for a site to establish a landmark presence on the world wide web. Genuine and laser-targeted traffic, regardless of the platform, is the heart and soul of an online business. Therefore, instead of ignoring small search engines, you need to untap the golden opportunities they bring to your disposal.